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Air fresheners can be used for a range of purposes.  While they can refresh places around them, these air fresheners can effectively be used to promote businesses, schools, universities, clubs and other organizations.  This write up focuses on promoting schools and universities through customized air fresheners.

Schools and universities cannot use traditional air fresheners.  The idea sounds dumb.  Yes, you need to get creative and customize if you seriously need to stand out and promote your institution.  If done right, you could even display your team spirit through these air fresheners.  Wondering how?  Choose a reputed online air freshener company that can design a product exclusively to meet your purpose. can be a great choice.

Promote your school pride and events through incredibly designed air fresheners

Air fresheners can be used to make your school/university more visible.  Put your name, colors and mascot on a car air freshener and promote school pride like no other!

If you have a school event around the corner and want to get the word out creatively, getting a bespoke air freshener designed for the purpose can work like magic.  Online air freshener companies provide art tools and designs to help you design your air freshener if you aren’t the creative guy, however, you can use your own art, pictures and other stuff related to your school and come up with your own if you have specific ideas running on your mind.  You can use a combination of text, colors, and pictures related to your school/university event and design a unique air freshener that you can give away to your students and parents.  You will realize that marketing was never this easier!

At, we cross all imagination boundaries to create distinctive air fresheners for our customers.  Our website provides a range of wonderful fragrances for you to choose from while the art tools make designing a breeze.  We have catered to several schools and universities over the years and have been successful in making all of them satisfied.

Raise funds through customized air fresheners

Customized air fresheners can also be used to raise funds for an event or cause. Just come up with a catchy message that tells about your event and design a simple yet attention-grabbing air freshener.  This can be sold to your students, staff, parents, suppliers and all the third parties associated with your institution.  You need to understand here that it costs you the least price per unit when you place your order in bulk.  If you are looking to promote a social cause and want to raise funds for the purpose, well, that’s great too.  You can donate/use the funds generated to build a better society.

At, we take bulk orders and create each air freshener with attention to detail. Each piece is packed with utmost care and delivered on time.  Moreover, please note that we have no minimums.  Visit our design center to create a customized air freshener for your school or talk to us if you have any issues or specific questions.  We help you design astounding air fresheners and make great profits; let’s grow together!

It would be a good idea to have your student body presell the school air fresheners, just like you would do with any other fundraising event.  This enables you to arrive at the exact number after which you can place the order for the same.

This works perfect for students participating in business school clubs like DECA, FBLA, Business Professionals of America and Entrepreneurship Club.

You can try roping in your sponsors to finance product cost and distribution.  At My Air Freshener,  we print on both sides of the air fresheners and local businesses sponsoring the events can make use of this to enhance their brand image.

Promote team spirit with artistically designed beautiful air fresheners

It is possible to boost team spirit with specially designed air fresheners.  Add the photo of your school sports team on one side and the picture of the sport on the other.  This can be sold through your school stores for a reasonable price.   While this boosts the morale of your team, you can make some good profits as well in the process.  When your team is in high spirits, you are sure to make a name.  You can give away these fresheners to your teams during award ceremonies to show that you stand with them.

Add header cards with your school air fresheners

My Air freshener offer toppers and full back header cards that make it easy to display your line of air fresheners. This option requires a 1000 piece minimum per design for toppers and 7500 piece minimum for the full back headers.  Both will add an additional $.17/unit to the cost and come stapled to the air freshener bag.  They can be printed with sponsor’s coupons. has designed numerous air fresheners for school teams, each unique and remarkable.  Just let us know what you have on your mind and sit back; we use all our design skills and experience to create a true masterpiece for you.  However, we also allow our customers to be on their own.  If you are creative, you can step up and design your own air freshener for your school, which would add a more personalized touch.

Create an air freshener for school games and schedules

Have a basketball tournament? Or a soccer match?

Well, promote your sports events like never before with bespoke air fresheners.  Design these fresheners with your team pictures on one side and the game schedules on the other. Sell these air fresheners to your students and give away a few of them to the event sponsors.  While this can mentally boost your teams, you gain a lot more.  You will be looked upon as an institution that cares for the students and their interests.  People take note when you do something different; an easy and cost-effective way of promoting your school, don’t you think so?

When it comes to choosing an online air freshener company for designing extraordinary, personalized air fresheners for schools and universities, should be your first choice.  At MyAirFreshener, we take each order seriously, regardless of the order size and design exactly what and how our customers want.

Choose for promoting your school has been in the industry for 24 years, delivering efficiency and satisfaction to the customers.  We are ethical, provide quality products at reasonable prices and offer friendly service that is hard to find elsewhere.  Further, we go the extra mile to ensure you have happy students and parents, all while promoting your school exceptionally.

Reach out to us if you want customized air fresheners for your school or university.  We make sure you get noticed!

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