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Needless to say after completing the coding part of website, the tedious task for site owners of finding a better hosting provider to host the website. Every business owner may have gone through this tormenting process in finding a trustable hosting provider that suits their requirement.

When it comes to corporate companies, they have best talents available to discuss and determine multiple solutions. As far as a start-up is concerned they cannot afford hiring an expert who can provide recommendations on Web hosting service.

What will be the first step?

Now you are stuck at the middle and you are dreaming of making money from your Online business (may be an Ecommerce business that has specific growth plans for future) and at any cost you want a solution for Hosting your web site with a company that you can trust. As the first approachable step most of them will go and search in Google search field for queries such as  ‘affordable webhosting‘ , ‘cheap webhosting’ , budget webhosting and tons of results pop up with multiple webhosting companies name in SERP. 

Different Hosting types

shared Hosting Services cheap

Shared Hosting

Once you open these results you surely going to get confused since a lot of technical terms elaborated with the Hosting server packages. There are shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS and Dedicated Hosting services listed with these services. But you should be very much aware about your requirements and where your business web site fit in. Suppose if you are a beginner and just want to learn how internet works then you should go for minimum viable plan-Shared Web Hosting where the resources assigned to you also will be shared with others in the same pool that means you are sharing resources like CPU, Disk space and RAM with other users. Here the problem is when someone uses more resources than the company allocated entire service pool will be down. Hence, you should have fair idea in mind how much traffic you are going to receive on a daily/monthly basis and based on that you should choose your hosting plan. The biggest advantage of a shared hosting plans are its reasonable cost, you can easily get a decent shared hosting server if you can pay $3- $7 on a monthly basis and this is great for start-ups to find a way in.

Reseller Hosting


Reseller account is mainly advisable for resellers who plan to sell their hosting space to other small business owners. It is same like a wholesale owner selling his products to multiple small business owners. When we consider this we should also bear in mind that the amount you are going to spend on this plan is certainly much larger than shared hosting discussed. Again, this depends on which reseller plan you going to choose, you can have anywhere from 10 to 250 separate cPanel accounts. So with a reseller account, you can set up each domain name with its own cPanel.

VPS  Hosting or Dedicated Hosting

VPS means virtual private servers, though it is shared the number of users on each servers have a finite number and most of the time it will be 15-20. Here you are going to get a complete different resource which is dedicated only for you.

The real benefit with a VPS, though, comes in the form of a virtual machine monitor or hypervisor.

A hypervisor is a piece of software that allows you to create and operate multiple virtual machines (also known as guest machines) on a single computer (also known as the host machine). It’s like having multiple virtual computers on the same server, each with their own amount of dedicated CPU speed, RAM, and HDD space.

I am not saying it is as better as dedicated server space since that has its own advantages compared to VPS.

Anyway it is upto you to go for Dedicated or VPS hosting depending on your specific requirement. In VPS you get managed VPS and unmanaged VPS or root access VPS. When you have the money and you don’t want to spend time running behind configuring new things or a new requirement as suggested developers or web masters this is the best option as there will the definite support on each of these. In contrary, unmanaged VPS you have full authority to change stuff and play with it since you getting the root access to server. But it will eaten up your time and money especially when you are from a non-technical background

Check what review sites says


From above description, I think you understood basic concepts of web hosting and multiple plans and its uses. Still, there might be a chance of confusion in mind which one is apt for you. In those cases it is always better to get suggestions from industry references or go for expert opinions. There are multiple review websites that reviewed different Hosting plans and its advantages. They have clearly mentioned the ratings as well. Hence, there is nothing wrong in trusting those review sites. On top of that, there are chances to get a discount on plans as these sites always refer customers to different Hosting companies. Hostingfacts are one of such sites that provide Hosting rating services.

Social media mention of Brand

I always check internet for reviews and Social media mentions about that particular brand. I usually search for if there is any consumer mentions which the Brand left unnoticed in consumer complaints and that gives me a fair idea how they cares about their customers. Now, when it comes to social mentions Twitter is one of the best platform on which you not only see Brand Mention but also tweets and its replies against any particular queries. Again, here you can see their support initiative and customer care behaviour w.r.t the Brand.  In addition to that you may also understand what they preaching throughout their website is being practiced when it comes to consumer’s problem as well. Here, I am not going to say you should conclude brand behaviour by simply analysing one or two queries whereas you should check a couple of other reviews as well. There are of course positive and negative reviews against any Brand you considering or adding to wishlist for a later purchase until and unless it’s Brand new. 

Create a ticket with Hosting companies and check support Quality

Another important tactic you can consider is having a word directly with the company either by creating a support ticket or by chatting with the support team. If you are doing it with US or UK hosting companies which does not have a customer support division in India, there is a chance of late reply as the time zones will be different.

By opening a ticket you should ask for them to migrate your existing Websites to new server and ensuring a proper backup. Most of the hosting companies do it at free of cost as the cPanel to cpanel migration is easy. Some companies ask the customers to do it manually and I don’t suggest going with those who does not care about the customer’s pain point. Also, you may ask them their backup services what kind of backup services they offer for you whether it is daily/weekly/monthly backups. Some companies only offer monthly backups and rest of the backup s you have to do it manually.  Now it comes to the number of  IPs they offering, in a shared hosting plan you have chance to get single IP that has been already shared with multiple user accounts. Despite that if you are in a demand of getting more than one IPs, hosting companies can offer it by charging an additional amount. But if they say they can offer it only on a VPS or dedicated hosting plan then you must have a rethink. 

SSD shared web hosting plans are better plans compared to traditional shared hosting plans since it can provide better services and high performance servers. These servers are equipped with Litespeed severs which is an alternate for apache servers.


I always recommend you to go for high performance Hosting plans rather than stick on with cheap hosting plans. In a cheap Hosting plan you might be amazed with unlimited services they offer during sign ups but there is limitations for each and every service that will be only understood when you dig deeper into the terms and conditions page. Also, when you choose biennial or 3 years web hosting plans you can get more discounts on sign ups.

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