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Wouldn’t it be amazing when your Smartphone shows data that your refrigerator has sent to you while you are on the way to shopping? Here comes the internet of things (IOT)! The refrigerator itself is smart enough to let you know about food spoilage, required grocery list or even the expiring last container of milk. Imagine this, your refrigerator sent you a video describing current contents inside it, and you get complete information on your fingertip without opening the door. This phenomenal growth is achieved by the technology called IOT where you can connect physical objects to the internet. These devices are well crafted with smart sensors and camera, and the data is accessible through applications installed on remote Smartphone or tablets.

internet of things (IOT)-Smart Refrigerator

What is IOT (Internet of things) – How can we best define it?

I have gone through several definitions as stated in Wikipedia, Webopedia and I came across a simple but most powerful definition for IOT. It goes like “Things having identities and virtual personalities operating in smart spaces using intelligent interfaces to connect and communicate within social, environmental, and user contexts” published by RFID WORKING GROUP OF THE EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM ON SMART SYSTEMS INTEGRATION (EPOSS) in their workshop report. Read the full report here


Opportunities and Advantages

IOT is considered as the next era of completely digitalized world where devices connect, communicate & share data with each other, and this can revolutionize every bit of business and human life.

These devices or objects which could be your Smartphone, smart thermostats, alarm system, refrigerator, doorbell, running shoes, car or bike connected with a cloud networking system will bring changes to our everyday lives.

Sensor devices will monitor the health of seniors in the family and caregivers can send reports to the family doctor based on the reports the device is generating. Such a smart home can reduce monthly utility bills, and a sprinkler system installed on the device allows you to take control of the watering schedule. Smart cities can control traffic and pollution; smart street lights can save city’s energy consumption and subsequently the spending.

In countries like Ireland, smart water meters were installed in almost all homes that can detect excess water consumption, sense the water leaks and send out its readings to the concerned department through internet. IOT has also been implemented in cars to keep drivers connected with mechanics and tow companies in case any breakdown or crash happens.




IOT Applications and its Uses

By 2025, IOT will play a major role in most essential part of everyday things- from home furniture, food packages, and paper documents to smart cars. Bosch study has revealed that IOT world expects around 14 Billion connected devices by 2022. Read full list here

This connected world is, of course, going to impact the behavior of businesses, imagine you purchased one product from a retail shop where the relationship usually ends at the Point of Sale (POS) but how impressive, it will be when the relationship lasts long even after purchase.

A study conducted by IOT reveals that SMART home ranking as the highest IOT applications in all measured channels. Second the wearables; this technology is often flaunted as one of the coolest applications of the internet of things whether it is a smart watch or Google Glass. Some of the well known IOT enabled wearables are Android Wear, Apple Watch, and Pebble. The 10 most popular Internet of Things applications

The uses of these wearables are endless as one can send a voice message to the device and get instant answers, track your heart rates and use conventional apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Gmail.

IOT in Agriculture Sector- Future Smart Farming

As far as the GDP of India is considered, the major portion contributed is from farming and without hesitation one can agree to it that Farming is the backbone of our country’s economy. According to the statistical study conducted by statistics times, Agriculture and allied sector contribute a share of 17.32% and GVA is around INR 23.82 lakh crore. Read the Report here

Wouldn’t it be revolutionary and a turning point for the agriculture sector in India, if farmers can control maturity rate of crops using the advanced technology? May be, they can even alter the color of products they harvest and sell it in the market. Using IOT, farmers can now determine the fertilizer and pesticides compounds based on the soil chemistry. To ensure better yield from their paddy fields, farmers can now use IOT enabled products which provide accurate information on real-time water monitoring, weather forecasts, soil quality, pest control & livestock monitoring. Farmers will get information about growing plants by the device and sensors attached to it. Read Reference

IOT in Health Care

Healthcare industry too can leverage the potential of IOT. Efficiency can be increased, costs can be lowered and focus can be diverted completed towards offering improved patient care by strategically implementing IOT. Using IOT enabled solutions patients can be easily monitored from remote locations.  This is extremely helpful in cases of those suffering from disorders such as diabetics. With optimal utilization of a smart framework system, life-critical and real-time data can be obtained. Other applications encompass clinical care, outpatient monitoring and doctor on call etc.

Connected Vehicle: The Future of Transportation

Samsung’s Family Hub Smart Fridge is crazy


The future of IOT is unpredictable as tons of experiments are being performed in this field. But one thing is for sure- human intervention will become least in certain areas where technology will dominate and play a superior role. Since the possibilities are limitless, IOT is here to stay and flourish.

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