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It was in recent times we started seeing new Gmail dashboard with a lot of new Design features while login in. Google seems reshaping their entire products from past 4, 5 months as the introduction of Google Ads, Google Marketing platform etc making as to believe so.  From my initial analysis I understood that Google want to be far head of their competitors in case of user experience, implementing AI features and mobile compliance.

Let’s analyse the feature one by one.  Those who still unable to get New Gmail option just go to right side Gear icon click on ‘Try New Gmail’ and launch the new Dashboard

  1. Smart reply in Gmail

When you receives a personal Email in Inbox , not Marketing Email ( Mass Emails ) you have subscribed you can acknowledge it without typing. The option you can see is that ‘Acknowledged, Thanks for the mail, received your Mail’ etc and it again depends on the type of email you receives.

2. Follow up Reminder- Nudges

This is one of the best features I liked in new Gmail. This option reminds you important Emails that you may want to follow up with someone who didn’t replied to your Email.


How to turn Nudges ON?

Go to settings tab > General > Nudges

  • 3. Gmail Auto completion- Smart Compose

Users can now work with Smart Compose option for Gmail– just after Google first announced the feature at Google IO 2018. It enables Google’s machine learning smarts take a crack at guessing what you’re about to type – and offering to type it for you.

When Smart Compose is active, you’ll begin to write an email as you’ve always done. Gmail will automatically begin to provide suggestions for the words and phrases you might be started typing. If you want to use one of the words or phrases Gmail’s offered, a quick tap of the “tab” button will select said word or phrase.


  • 4. Confidential Mode

Another important feature that may widely accepted in Corporate World. Several times, Business Owners have thought of that a lower authority under him won’t be able to forward the Email which he sends. Now it is real, Confidential Mode gives you option to dominate over the emails you send. You can set emails to expire after a set amount of time, similar to a Snapchat message, or take away someone’s access to a confidential email at any time. The recipient (Email receivers) won’t be able to forward, copy, print or download a confidential message, but Google points out they can still take screenshots.

While sending a confidential email you also have the option of providing a SMS passcode to open the message. If you choose this, the recipient will get a text with a passcode, and have to enter it to open the message.

   5. Get Add- ons with Gmail Client

Gmail add-ons have always been an excellent way to get more out of Gmail’s browser client. There are add-ons for scheduling emails, adding signatures, attaching items from project management software, and more. Some examples are Trello, Asana, Dialpad, Hire, RightCentral etc

And now, when you’ve added one of these add-ons to Gmail, you can see its icon in the right sidebar and on applicable emails:

Google’s native add-ons for Gmail enable you to access apps without leaving your email. You could be getting more done by using Gmail add-ons that Google has recently introduced which let you complete works right inside your inbox.

  • 6. Email Snooze feature

Priority on Emails receiving on a daily basis were the issues faced by all kind of Gmail users and for that Gmail provides the option to snooze emails. This doesn’t snooze all incoming messages you may receiving in your Inbox when you don’t want to be disturbed; rather, it hides away any messages you chosen until a time you postulate. This can be very useful if you’re not ready to action those emails just yet, but don’t want to lose them in many unread emails.

  • 7. Display density

Google always works on user experience and keep on updating new features to improve the look. As part of this, Gmail also introduced new look and feel which most of its larger user base likes. Again, if you do not like default design Gmail now allows you to Change Display Density to Compact or Comfortable in Gmail. Changing Display density is super easy, Just go to gear icon on top right, click on it and then choose Display Density and there you can see three options – Default, comfortable and compact. I have settled in compact mode since I do not want a cluster of other properties pop- ups in between when I scroll and you may choose your preferred one that most suits your usage.

Though I have tried playing with New Gmail design I am a great fan of Old Gmail Classic, Google seems have revoked this option(Go back to Classic Option) from its settings now and in Google product forums you can see how users wants it so badly-their favourite ‘ Classic design’!msg/gmail/D5GXifrN9-Y/ci74-Aw5AAAJ , people are really angry about the dismissed option ‘Go back to classic Option’ which is easy to use than this new version

Here I described some of best features I found it useful to beginners or common users and you may have liked some other features or using it already. Your Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!

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