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It was a December warm morning team teddytech had a discussion with Punnamada resort MD Mr. Kailasnath regarding Online Business promotion and Online Brand promotion. We were really surprised by the story he narrated to us and the online spend they already spoiled with lot amatuer teams. Though the meeting went smooth the management had certain doubts regarding the Business outcome they would expect through digital marketing services which we promotes.

To assure more to this,  we have certain well written ground plan ready with us and we were so confident that such a traditional kerala resort have its own space in competitve market.Now the hardest part comes,  we must start from scratch and there is no going back.

The problem we faced was:

  • Web site Migration
  • Involving old team in migration process
  • Existing Email accounts back up & Migration
  • Booking Engine API & Protocols
  • Developing new web site with all Facilities

The hardest part was domain and web site migration since the old team was not much interested in giving enough details to us in orderto proceed further. Also it took us two working days to ensure complete back up of Files and database. Other challenge in front of us was migrating Email accounts and ensuring back ups, this also we had to proceed with out interruptingpunnamada’s existing system.With in a week our expert support engineers successfully migrated entire system from legacy to new dedicated server with out interruptingexisting service and with zero downtime.

Old Punnamada website Booking Engine

Punnamada - Web design

Development of new web site

Our designers started developing new wireframe and designs, same way the web developers started deploying back ends, booking engine with payment gateway both with a common goal of achieving success. With in two weeks time we confidently submitted first phase which was remarkably  professional from theexisting system and management were delighted and confident at the same time in progress.

New Webdesign Punnamada Resort 

New Website Design

Booking Engine implementation

Punnamada resort team was in finding of good developers who can implement a easy to operate booking engine with all requiredfunctionalities. Our expert coders were able to achieve it with in a less time span. The reports section got much bull’s eye even from their accounts team and it was much appreciated

How successful was first online strategy?

Since all eyes were leading to online business and ROI we first itself created a SEO friendly web site with this adequate goal in mind.

How we implemented it?

Website design

We created quality content with extraordinary UI that supports proper CTA too. We divided each sections of resorts to subcategories and created content with SEO implementation in mind.

Keyword analysis

As all Digital marketing start with keyword analysis we were also in demand for most converting and competition less keywords for each section. Our team was efficientlycreated one word, two word and long tail keywords that was most demanded in our niche.

On Page SEO

We had done a research for relevant Keywords for Punnamada Resort. We found some best local and global keywords which are very relevant to Punnamada resort and have a good search. We successfully implemented it on page title, URLs and Meta description.

Our expert content writers has created interesting and relevant content based of those keywords. We also implemented those keywords in header tags in content.

Relevant images are designed by our designing team and integrated in Punnamada website along with alt text and title tags to make them SEO friendly. All images are minified by our designers to make it load faster.

Xml site map and robots.txt file are created very carefully and integrated in Punnamada site. Our web developing and SEO experts have redesigned htaccess page to make site more SEO friendly. All java script and css files are minified to increase the page loading speed.

We also focused on one click navigation on inside pages. We make navigation in website very user friendly which will make customer to stay more time in the website.  In this way we reduce the bounce rate of the site Punnamada Resort.

We integrate call to actions in every page which will make booking and other conversions easy for customers. This increases the conversion rate of Punnamada Resort and boosted the business.

Schema or structured data is integrated where it is required in site. Open graph and twitter cards are used in all pages to make the website more social.

Punnamda Website Booking engine and Responsive Design 

SEO Punnamada Wedsite

Off page SEO

We have noticed that old web site was hardly getting any hits to due its structure and bad SEO. But here on new site we need to ensure we are getting relevant traffic from niche were we participating. We crated all social media channels for punnamada and opened a blog to promote quality content. As an instant result of this our team noticed a Tremendous increase in traffic from current stage. We not only managed to acquire 30% increase in traffic but also delivered couple of successful online bookings by this thought process.

We have also noticed that old web site was having some bad quality back links which can affect the reputation of site. First we cleared all unwanted and spam back links by directly mailing to the webmasters and also by disavow tool in Webmaster.

We have created quality back links from the genuine websites which is related the travel and tourism and having good domain authority and page rank. For this we have done many gust posting, forum posting, bookmarking, press release etc.

Social media optimization is also done by our SMO experts. We had managed different social medias for Punnamada Resort like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc.  We have done Paid and Organic campaigns in these social medias.

Local SEO

We had done many local SEO activities for Punnamada Resort to get best result in local searches. We have listed Punnamda resort in Google map, Bing map etc. We listed the site and business in many relevant local directories.

Citation, comment posting etc had done for getting more relevancies in local SEO. We managed many classified ads, local directory submissions etc to increase the brand awareness of Punnamada. We have also managed the accounts of Punnamada Resort trip advisor and other travel related sites to maintain the online reputation of business.

We go extra Mile

Frankly speaking, we were not satisfied by the first three month SEO results. We identified that punnamada has less authority in major travel web sites. We suddenly created an action plan for improving those results and with in 2 months time we were able to achieve 99% of result what we are looking for. The online bookings starts progressing day by day and management also delighted and surprised at the same time by seeing the progress. They soon approved our campaign management budget to drive traffic more to web site using various paid advertisement that includes Google ppc, facebook marketing, Google display ads etc

We experimented with small changes to Call to Actions

We created a funnel to booking form so that we can understood the visitors path to it and analyse at the same time where users are bouncing off with the help of Google analytics tool and other visitors tracking tool. We have made small adjustments to our call to action mechanisms whether it is form or booking button, text, font size even color and sometimes placement and we were amazed by the results. We could have not only reduce bounce rate below 20% but also increased booking to 300%.

Call to action


We have next set of plan ready with us

We have next set of Digital marketing plan ready with us for 2017 and we are trying to experiment new changes that has been playing crucial roles in current seo industry. Our team is equipped with latest SEO industryupdates, tools & Algorithm changes.

How we can help your business grow?

business growth

You might be interested in the business story we have created and implemented for punnamada.  But its not too late to start with improving your own Business Online. Internet is a place where you will get unknown person as your customers. You can come top of Search engines with our expert knowledge and skills set that we are implemented and experienced regardless its small business, medium business or big business giants, you have our word on it. Try our SEO, online Business &Digital marketing promotion strategies.

Call us at +91 8547144145  or drop an email to for more details

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