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Recently a Person who met me asked a funny question “Do we really want to know any kind of technical things for becoming an SEO expert”? I replied by asking a simple question.”Why did you ask that question”? He just explained he is a real SEO expert…made certain keywords up in Google and other search engines without knowing any technical things (HTML, CSS). I just given a simple smile over it and I have provided some examples which way SEO process is going on. Hence I thought why shouldn’t I right a post on it? Here are some of my findings related to SEO

1. SEO as a Thought Leader
A successful SEO program can drive lot of benefits to business or any industry project, but the outside Peoples do not know this exact opportunity or they do not have any idea how to visualize it. An SEO expert can open many revenue generated streams and business opportunities for any kinds of Universal businesses.

So a real SEO expert can place his ideas in front of the management or to the discussion team what he aims in order to generate more revenues over INTERNET. Read More

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