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I think every SEO gurus and Web masters are asking same Question in their mind where this Industry is leading us.


Where Search is leading us?

With Google Now, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri all resolves to the category of voice search which further develop the concept of “Knowledge Box” or “Knowledge Panel”.  You can ask informative Queries that you are performing in search engines, for example ask Queries like “Eiffel tower” “height” “where is it” “length” and Google Now is able to provide accurate answer of all of these Queries. Search Engine giant Google clearly understand that these queries are related to each other and provide answer according to it.

As latest invent ‘Amazon Echo’ has been added to this group which can provide useful information such as your Shopping list items, latest items that can add to your purchase list etc. It has a nickname ‘Alexa’ and it can listen to ‘what we watch’, ‘Home visitors’, human’s feelings such as Happiness, anger and sadness.

With all new search forms we can understand that Search is still evolving but in a mysterious way.

Is AR and AI is Google’s new goal?

artificial intelligence SEO

Google is seriously looking for providing more intelligence and human behavioral to machines that can think same way user’s think and search, from the self-driving car to Google’s predictive search engines. Google’s Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric E. Schmidt has declared that Artificial intelligence is at the core of almost all of Google’s current and future technologies. If the company wants to live up to its longstanding corporate motto, it’ll need to convince the public that these inventions won’t, well, “be evil.”

Augmented reality SEO

To assist this fact, he described an experiment Google conducted a few years back, in which the company’s scientists developed a neural network and fed it  11,000 hours of YouTube videos to see what it could learn, without any training. “It discovered the concept of ‘cat,’” Schmidt said, assuming the tone of a disappointed dad.

Semantic Web search

Google instant was a good example of this and we humans no need to type much after this technique has introduced with SERP. Latest Algorithm changes, Semantic Search introduction all pointing out the supporting facts of AI. But Scientists are debating that machine Intelligence will lead to a new race and I think we must have to wait whether these techniques are useful to Human society or not.


IBM Watson

IBM Watson for SEO

IBM Watson is a new way of Computing, cognitive computing which is entirely different from traditional computing. Before making decisions usually Humans initiate steps: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate and decide.

Watson can understand unstructured data. When it comes to text, Watson not just look for keywords like search engines, it reads and interprets texts like a real person. It breaks down the sentences grammatically, structurally and relationally. Watson tries to understand the real intention of user’s language.

Watson collects Corpus of Knowledge from literacy, Human experts and theorems solved by scientists.

Curating the Content is another Advantage of Watson, with human intervention the system decides the Quality content and contents that are irrelevant to problem domain.

Ingestion is another process used which means the indices and other Meta data, at this stage Watson also create a knowledge graph to answer precise Questions.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning for SEO

Human Experts will create Question and Answer pairs and Watson will be well prepared to answer Queries with further interactions.


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