Since Google changed its algorithm on 2013, also considering updates in Penguin and Panda it is now difficult to predict SEO rankings of Web sites in Google result pages. The major deviation I have seen is the ‘Title’ and ‘description’ tags difference in SERP results. Even though you give a HTML title tag definition for any of your web page it is not mandatory that Google take your own page Title or Description in SERP.

The Moz Study data shows that Google SERP cuts Title characters at a length of 48 and 95% Query saved at 55 character Limit. Here is the Data Display

80% – 57 characters (81.6%)
90% – 56 characters (91.6%)
95% – 55 characters (95.8%)
99% – 53 characters (98.7%)
99.9% – 49 characters (99.9%)
If all of our Web page title tags were exactly 55 characters long, then we can expect 5% cut off and 95 % of them to be left alone (1 in 20 would be cut off).

But it also mentioned that 42 character length title too cut-off, if you use all UPPER CASE title letters with spaces. This means Google uses CSS to truncate titles, (18px Arial in a 512-pixel wide

) and it is advisable to keep Titles in this ‘CSS’ limit.Read More

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